Armyworms and Sod Webworms: Get Off My Lawn!

Notice unusual brown patches showing up on your lawn, lately? There might be more to this than meets the eye! Your first thought may be that this is weather-related, but if you live in southern West Virginia, chances are, it’s not.

Armyworms and sod webworms are in our area in large numbers, and they’re destroying local lawns this year. Many years, there are not enough of them to be truly noticeable. And, if they do cause problems, it’s usually not until late summer or early fall.

These two pests work in different ways to damage your lawn. Armyworms, often called “fall armyworms,” tend to cause more scattered damage, while sod webworms feed in patches. Together, they can turn a lush, green lawn into a brown mess in as little as one week, depending on the size of the area and the number of these critters feasting on those delicious blades of grass!

Of course, you know we have good news for you on this topic: we can make these pests go away! Our local professionals the equipment and treatments needed to get rid of them, and we stand behind our work. Not to mention we’re fast, friendly and dependable. Give us a call – we could help you save your lawn!

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